“The Alliance Against AIDS (AAA) is a community-based, non-profit, non-governmental organization, which provides and advocates for ethical, quality care and support for Persons Living With HIV/AIDS [PWH] and their families, and serves as a catalyst to purge discrimination surrounding HIV/AIDS.”


“By 2015 all PLWHA’s and their families throughout Belize are free to enjoy meaningful, productive, healthy and happy lives.”

The AAA adopts a human rights approach in fulfilling its role as an organization working for, and with, PLWHA and their families in Belize. Specifically, this approach is expressed in the following set of principles guiding its work:

The AAA believes that:
• All PLWHA’s have a right to personal care and development
• All PLWHA’s have a right to confidentiality of their status
• All PLWHA’s have a right to equity in access to, and quality of, services, and that
• Its strength as an organization lies in the people whom its serves as well as those committed to serving.


The AAA will therefore:
• Promote social justice in all facets of its work
• Ensure transparency and accountability in organizational management and decision-making
• Not discriminate against PLWHA’s nor their families
• Practice unconditional positive regard for PLWHA’s and their families
• Promote the concept of individual responsibility and self-reliance among PLWHA’s, their families and among its membership
• Ensure the inclusion and participation of PLWHA’s and their families in relevant aspects of the organization’s work
• Use participatory methods to foster ownership and a team spirit among its staff and members
• Continue to foster cooperation and partnership building internally and with other organizations working toward similar goals
• Will continuously work toward achieving self-sustainability of its programs and services

Principales actividades desarrolladas por la institución

• Prevention and education of HIV/AIDS
• Support to PWH and their immediate families
• Manage a Helpline for information, education, support and referrals to general population and PWH
• Support services and referrals to PWH
• Advocate for the rights of all PWH and their immediate families
• Education and advocacy on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights for all especially young girls and women and PWH.
• Promotion of Sexual Health and Sexuality Education for all
• Mobilization of People living with HIV/AIDS for support groups
• Mobilization of PWH into a network
• Active member of the National AIDS Commission and its sub committees
• Active member of the Women’s Issues Network

Principales financiadores y alianzas

UNAIDS, Government of Belize, HIVOS, ICASO/LACCASO, Oxfam Great Britain, Living with HOPE, REDCA, Lifeline Foundation, Belize Social Security Board


5766 Meighan Avenue, Belize City, Belize
P.O.Box 1294
Telephone/Fax: 501-650-2406

Punto Focal para LACCASO

Executive Director, Rodel Beltran Perera
Cellular phone: 501-610-5269
E-mail addresses:;